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but just in case I miss you too, you should send a message..

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Anonymous said: i miss you
I replied:

Maybe you’re out of my life for a reason. not to be harsh or anything

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Flagstaff AZ

i can’t sing this without tears running down my face. i miss you best friend i miss you so fucking much, you carried my broken heart with your broken wings until you gave out and i could never thank you enough for that. know that i never stopped thinking about you i never once stopped missing you or wishing that we still spoke. im constantly wondering if you’re fucking okay and if you need me, but im sure you’re fine. whatever the reason that you left must have been a damn good one. i know that im an awful person i cant blame you for leaving when i needed you to stand by me the most.. i know i made some stupid descisions but now theres no one to even tell me how stupid they are and … maybe im just a damn fool for holding on but i will forever, you were a true best friend despite the circumstances. idk i just want you to know that i check up on you from time to time, i love seeing your beautiful face, i love you. i’m sorry i’m so sorry and i tried to contact you but you want nothing to do with me and thats okay i just hope that you’re fine and no longer need me anymore. you’re so strong baby i know that you’re okay.. god fuck i just miss you so much i cant. im sorry. you are my angel Olivia

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i know this is annoying and shit but please check out my music here and my blog here
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